Vagrant installation

Install the Vagrant virtual machine management system from Hashicorp and the VirtualBox virtualization software.

If you already use a different Virtual Machine provider, it may be compatible with Vagrant, in which case you may need to modify the Vagrantfile. This method is not recommended.

Starting Dallinger

The first time you start the virtual machine, Vagrant will download an Ubuntu Linux image and run installation steps. This will take some time and downloads a large amount of data through the internet connection. The command to begin this process is:

vagrant up

You can then connect to the vagrant machine over ssh and interact with dallinger. This is done through:

vagrant ssh

You will be in the /vagrant directory which is shared with the host machine. You can use Dallinger and run tests as usual from this prompt. When running an experiment, you should specify port 5000 as the experiment’s port, which will then be made available to the host on port 5000.

When you’re finished, shut the Vagrant machine down by running:

vagrant halt